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Where JavaStation 1 was positioned as a PC or green screen replacement, Sun Ray is destined for use in dedicated application environments including call centers and help desks; in education; government; financial services; ASPs and by ERP applications.
eSuite WorkPlace is the first complete Java technology-based set of business productivity applets built specifically for thin client offerings such as Sun's JavaStation network computer," said Lynne Capozzi, Lotus' vice president of marketing, Internet Applications Division.
Working with schools like Pershing Intermediate, we can demonstrate the effectiveness of JavaStation systems," she notes.
Likewise, Paul says there will be three phases of the JavaStation implementation project.
Sun Microsystems Inc will unveil its second-generation JavaStation thin client network computer as the SunRay Enterprise Appliance next week in New York.
They include Javasoft, Javastation, Ultrajava, Picojava and Javaworld.
Previous IDEA Gold award winners include the Microsoft IntelliMouse Trackball, the HP OfficeJet 500 Series, the Sun JavaStation Computer and the IBM Aptiva S Series.
Sun's Corona JavaStation II clearly fits the bill although Sun didn't put the two into alignment yesterday.
Sun has also unveiled its own NC, the JavaStation, which uses an 85-MHz MicroSparc chip to run Java applets downloaded over a TCP/IP-based network.
The two Star products on show tomorrow when Sun's latest Corona JavaStation is to make its debut, will be the StarOffice office suite and StarPortal.
Reliable sources have now confirmed that Sun Microsystems Inc will announce the acquisition of Germany's Star Division tomorrow (Tuesday) as the opening for its Corona second generation JavaStation launch, now expected to take place on the same day (CI No 3,731).
Sun's very own NC, the JavaStation I, was an embarrassing failure and while Sun will continue to support customers with JavaOS for NCs, it will be migrating them to new products, presumably Corona, the JavaStation II due next month.