Javanese language

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Javanese language:

see Malayo-Polynesian languagesMalayo-Polynesian languages
, sometimes also called Austronesian languages
, family of languages estimated at from 300 to 500 tongues and understood by approximately 300 million people in Madagascar; the Malay Peninsula; Indonesia and New Guinea; the Philippines;
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The Javanese language consists of a complicated system of rules and
Zoetmulder introduced a keen sensitivity to the nuances of Javanese language and culture, thus charting a course in philology that mirrored the turn towards a Southeast Asian perspective prominent in the work of historian O.
Javanese language and customs as well as culturally significant concepts, such as Pancasila, furnish just two examples of the types of shared knowledge and practice participants in the FGD's draw on when prioritizing common civic rather than separate religious identities.
Puppeteers inspire guffaws of laughter from the audience when they cause a moderately unrefined character to blunder through the negotiations of Javanese language levels necessary when speaking to individuals of higher social status.
The latter does exist, and is called Javanais (which is also French for the much more official Javanese language, so I'm afraid it's not a politically correct name, but c'est la vie .
Have you committed yourself to get married with the man of your choice,'' asked the Sultan in ''Kromo Inggil,'' the most refined and elegant of the three forms of the Javanese language.
Kembangan is a noun in the Javanese language which literally means "flowering," but in music refers poetically to the intricate melodic figurations that characterize Javanese gamelan music.
Suharto is physically okay, but he still has problems with his speech so the investigators even used the Javanese language to question him," Assegaf told journalists shortly after the probe finished.
One of the features used by the Javanese-Malays to define themselves is with regard to the use of the Javanese language.
I don't use my mother tongue, the Javanese language.
Her writing is thoughtful, elegant, expansive, yet meticulously faithful to the richness of Javanese language and oral performance, as epic poems were typically read aloud.