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(computer science)
A scripting language that is added to standard HTML to create interactive documents.


(Formerly "LiveScript") Netscape's simple, cross-platform, World-Wide Web scripting language, only very vaguely related to Java (which is a Sun trademark). JavaScript is intimately tied to the World-Wide Web, and currently runs in only three environments - as a server-side scripting language, as an embedded language in server-parsed HTML, and as an embedded language run in web browsers where it is the most important part of DHTML.

JavaScript has a simplified C-like syntax and is tightly integrated with the browser Document Object Model. It is useful for implementing enhanced forms, simple web database front-ends, and navigation enhancements. It is unusual in that the scope of variables extends throughout the function in which they are declared rather than the smallest enclosing block as in C.

JavaScript originated from Netscape and, for a time, only their products supported it. Microsoft now supports a work-alike which they call JScript. The resulting inconsistencies make it difficult to write JavaScript that behaves the same in all browsers. This could be attributed to the slow progress of JavaScript through the standards bodies.

JavaScript runs "100x" slower than C, as it is purely interpreted (Java runs "10x" slower than C code). Netscape and allies say JavaScript is an "open standard" in an effort to keep Microsoft from monopolising web software as they have desktop software. Netscape and Sun have co-operated to enable Java and JavaScript to exchange messages and data.

See also VBScript.

Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.lang.javascript.

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A widely used programming language that is embedded in most Web pages. Supported by all Web browsers, it enables interactive functions to be added to Web pages, which are otherwise static. JavaScript evolved from Netscape's LiveScript language.

JavaScript Is Plain Text
JavaScript source code is plain text that resides between Begin-Script and End-Script HTML tags in the Web page. Along with myriad other functions, JavaScript is used to enable interactive page elements such as navigation buttons and drop-down menus. It is also used to identify the page to analytics servers that capture traffic statistics. See JScript, Dojo and VBScript.

JavaScript Vs. Java
Because JavaScript is executed merely by retrieving a page from any website, it cannot be used to access local files and probe the user's computer (JavaScript is "sandboxed"). Java, on the other hand, is a full-blown programming language that can manipulate any resource in the computer. Although there are commonalities, JavaScript is not a subset of Java, but they may be used together. For example, JavaScript could display a data entry form and validate the input, while a Java program in the server processes the information. In addition, JavaScript remains as human-readable text, while Java source code is converted into a binary format (see bytecode). See Java and servlet.

JavaScript Is Always Visible
JavaScript code is embedded in a Web page and easily viewed as in this Opera browser on a Mac. The blue text is the HTML page rendering language, and the brown is JavaScript. In this example, the JavaScript causes navigation buttons to change color when the mouse rolls over them and to jump to another page when clicked. See HTML.
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