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1. a long pointed spear thrown as a weapon or in competitive field events
2. the javelin the event or sport of throwing the javelin



or dart, a small throwing spear. Javelins with points made of stone and bone were already in use as a hunting weapon by the Upper Paleolithic period; these javelins were hurled by means of a spear-thrower. The javelin was especially characteristic of tribes such as the Australians who were not familiar with the bow. Iron javelins were used in ancient Greece and Rome. A type of javelin was widely used in Western Europe and Rus’ (where it was called the sulitsa)during the Middle Ages.

References in classic literature ?
The princess had a passion for music, and could sing and play upon all sorts of instruments she could also ride and drive as well as her brothers, shoot with a bow and arrow, and throw a javelin with the same skill as they, and sometimes even better.
The other guards stood thunderstruck and amazed at this unexpected event, but recovering presence of mind, those on horseback seized their swords, and those on foot their javelins, and attacked Don Quixote, who was waiting for them with great calmness; and no doubt it would have gone badly with him if the galley slaves, seeing the chance before them of liberating themselves, had not effected it by contriving to break the chain on which they were strung.
The yellow men were armed with two swords, and a short javelin was slung across the back of each, while from their left arms hung cuplike shields no larger than a dinner plate, the concave sides of which turned outward toward an antagonist.
Presently the man, whom we rightly guessed to be the king, raised the great javelin in his hand.
Celia was inwardly frightened, and ready to run away, now she had hurled this light javelin.
I was among the wounded, having been struck by a javelin, or spear, while I was passing from one tent to another.
With the alliance, Javelins customer base has increased to over 400 SolidWorks customers.
As we began studying the NTC opposing force, we realized that we needed to maximize our antiarmor proficiency prior to rotation, specifically focusing on the use of Javelins.
Jowett could not attain the standard of gearbox manufacture required and many Javelins were left stranded in the factory because they had no gearboxes.
In 1994, Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) of Javelin was authorized, and in 1996 the first Javelins were deployed with U.
Troops can fire Javelins from behind protection and be out of harm's way before the threat has a chance to counter-fire.
Army Yudh Abhyas joint exercise, the Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) and Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT) Javelin Weapon System proved flawless performance as an anti-tank guided missile.