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1. a long pointed spear thrown as a weapon or in competitive field events
2. the javelin the event or sport of throwing the javelin



or dart, a small throwing spear. Javelins with points made of stone and bone were already in use as a hunting weapon by the Upper Paleolithic period; these javelins were hurled by means of a spear-thrower. The javelin was especially characteristic of tribes such as the Australians who were not familiar with the bow. Iron javelins were used in ancient Greece and Rome. A type of javelin was widely used in Western Europe and Rus’ (where it was called the sulitsa)during the Middle Ages.

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Javelins effectiveness in this demonstration enables mounted infantry to confidently engage targets at ranges that surpass other weapons in this class, said John Halvey, Javelin Joint Venture president at Raytheon Missile Systems.
Four designated instructors were able to train 40 Javelin operators during the course, providing each company (including our Headquarters and Headquarters Company) the ability to employ Javelins at NTC.
But when the manufacturer is small and hasn't got the resources to develop its baby further then the rocket, or in this case the Javelin, comes hurtling back to earth.
Of the more than 1,200 Javelins fired by British troops, none has been used against armored targets.
Check it out while you're running the Javelin to make sure it doesn't have problems.
This is exactly what happened to the small Bradford manufacturer Jowett which launched the Javelin - a saloon car touched with a brushstroke of genius - in 1947.
Clients of both Javelin and Greenwich Associates will benefit from the combined expertise of the two organizations in terms of better insights, faster access to data, product expansion, and an integrated view across both retail and commercial segments.
Additionally, with integrated filtering and the best noise performance on the market today, the Javelin PA can eliminate the cost of transmit surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters, enhance wireless receiver sensitivity and improve overall smartphone performance by minimizing interference with wireless radios such as Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi.
We recommend that merchants proactively educate consumers about the safety of online shopping, as nearly half of consumers indicate they would make more purchases online if merchants offered increased security and protection from fraud," notes Beth Robertson, CCM, Director of Payments Research at Javelin.
However, Javelin forecasts that FIs' bill-pay sites will overtake the biller-direct model in 2015 and cautions FIs against threats from emerging one-stop bill-pay sites.
Javelin is pleased to introduce the JAV5001, which we believe will resolve many of the challenges facing handset manufacturers today due to its leading performance, integration and reliability," said Brad Fluke, president and chief executive officer of Javelin.
Relying on its Prevention, Detection and Resolution[TM] model, Javelin analyzed vendor products within specific categories to select three products as the Best-in-Class: