Jean Bart

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Bart, Jean


(pseudonym of Eugeniu Botez). Born Nov. 28, 1874, in Burdujeni; died May 12, 1933. Rumanian writer.

Bart’s first sketches and articles appeared in workers’ newspapers. He also wrote travelers’ sketches and stories in which the romance of the sea serves as background for the hard lot of toilers, fishermen, and dockworkers. Bart’s best work, Europolis (1933; Russian translation, 1958), concerns the life of a port city.


In Russian translation:
Nevypolnennyi dolg. Bucharest, 1961. (See the introduction by T. Vyrgolich.)
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Pour s'etre illustre, en vingt-cinq ans de carriere, grace a une originalite qui lui est propre, Reda Zitouni revient dans les studios avec un nouvel album - son second apres Jean Bart, essif ihebbel (2010) - qui ne manque pas, evidemment, d'originalite.
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