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Moulin, Jean


Born June 20, 1899, in Béziers, France; died July 8, 1943, near Frankfurt am Main. Hero of the French Resistance.

Moulin was prefect of the department of Eure-et-Loir when fascist German troops invaded France in June 1940; he responded as a patriot and a democrat. In November 1940 he was removed from his post by the Vichy government. In 1941 he joined the Free French movement in London and in January 1942 became the representative of the French National Committee (FNC) in the southern zone of France. There he helped coordinate the operations of Resistance organizations and establish liaison between these organizations and the FNC.

In February 1943, Moulin was appointed the general representative of the FNC for all of France. He was one of the founders of the National Council of the Resistance and became its first chairman on May 27, 1943. On June 21, 1943, he was arrested by the Gestapo. He was brutally tortured and died during deportation to Germany. In 1964, Moulin’s ashes were transferred to the Pantheon. A monument to Moulin has been erected in Chartres, the capital of the department of Eure-et-Loir.,

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Raymond Aubrac was captured along with celebrated Resistance hero Jean Moulin on June 21, 1943, when police raided a meeting spot - a doctor's office - near Lyon.
At the end of a chapter on Jean Moulin, leader of the French resistance against the Nazi occupation, a page is devoted to memorials to Moulin.
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Morris and Prat chose eighty-six images that tell of suffering, shame, and absurdity: a swastika on the Hotel de Ville, Wehrmacht officers in front of the Grand Hotel, the executions of hostages, prisoners being taken to concentration camps, a young girl still playing with her tricycle before being carted off with her family by the Nazis, collaborators, a torture helmet from the Gestapo prisons, the Resistance fighter Jean Moulin , the cell in the Montluc fort where Moulin was tortured, the crowd cheering Petain, then de Gaulle at the liberation of Lyon, the Allied bombings, the action of the Resistance fighters at the liberation, and so on.
In 1977 Frenay published a volume entitled The Jean Moulin Enigma which essentially continued this argument, but going further in portraying Moulin as a 'crypto-communist'.
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The purpose of this framework agreement is the acquisition, delivery, installation and commissioning of desktop pc-type microcomputers and their accessories, portable pc-type microcomputers and their accessories and peripherals on the different sites of the university jean moulin lyon 3 computer equipment, excluding video projectors and digital cameras.
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Admiral Jean Moulin, Commander in Chief of the French Navy's surface fleet, said: 'One aspect of these discussions is to bring closer our points of view, to understand how the British could come together with us, whether in a common aircraft carrier programme, or in a programme with the majority of the systems and armaments in common.
With its primary location in the center of the Paris business district, "La Defense," ESCE opened a satellite campus in Lyon in 1999, associated with Universite Jean Moulin Lyon 3.