Jean Paul Getty

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Getty, Jean Paul,

1892–1976, American business executive, one of the richest men in the world during his life, b. Minneapolis, Minn. He inherited his father's oil business, George F. Getty, Inc., becoming its president and general manager in 1930. When it was reorganized (1956) as the Getty Oil Company, he became the firm's director and principal owner. From the early 1950s until his death, Getty resided in Great Britain. From his 16th-century Tudor estate, known as Sutton Place, Getty controlled a vast business empire made up of almost 200 concerns. His personal worth was estimated to be approximately $3 billion.
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The 60-year deal was first granted in 1949 to a company founded by US industrialist Jean Paul Getty, helping make him the richest man in the US.
Heading downstream at a steady 4mph, the houses thinned out and after Stoke and Bowers locks we were in open countryside and soon passing the grounds of Sutton Place, where the late Jean Paul Getty held court.
Among the ones he admires the most are Jean Paul Getty, Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffet, men who stressed the advantages of hard work, business vision and even personal habits, such as waking up early.
Segun Martinez, Slim absorbio y aplico la filosofia de los grandes financieros que admira, entre ellos Jean Paul Getty, Benjamin Graham y Warren Buffet, que han subrayado las ventajas del trabajo duro, de la vision para los buenos negocias e incluso de habitos personales coma levantarse temprano.
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Scott chose Christopher Plummer to replace Spacey as the late oil tycoon, Jean Paul Getty, and the decision paid off.
Because the great-grandson of legendary oil tycoon Jean Paul Getty is a man with some heavy-duty baggage.
One of them, Jean Paul Getty II (Balthazar's grandfather) was the ultimate playboy, leaving his wife in the mid-60s to take up with Dutch model Talitha Pol, both soon becoming heroin addicts.
In 1954, Jean Paul Getty established what he called a ``modest and unpretentious'' showcase for his art treasures in a Malibu canyon ranch house.