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The major theme of this study of ethnographic narratives produced by Europeans in the Middle Ages--specifically: "Gerald of Wales in his description of the twelfth-century Welsh, William of Rubruck among the Mongols, Jean de Joinville in his account of the various Muslim 'Saracens' encountered on the Seventh Crusade, and the Mandeville author in his description of the world's diverse faiths from the Holy Land to the Far East"--is the remarkable and perhaps surprising evidence that these writers were frequently able to adopt the perspectives "in light of another's word," or from the perspectives of the other, in contemporary parlance.
Additionally, Gaposchkin presents a detailed analysis of the best well-known source on Saint Louis, the vie written by Jean de Joinville.
This last, seventh, Crusade is best known because of the memoirs of Jean de Joinville to which can be added the chronicle of Matthew Paris and Mr Bartlett has made good use of these.
The link between the Joinville family and MS Harley 2253 is important also because Geoffroi de Joinville's elder brother was Jean de Joinville, seneschal of Champagne and biographer of Louis IX, whom Jean accompanied on crusade.