Jefferson Davis

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Davis, Jefferson


Born June 3, 1806, in Kentucky; died Dec. 6, 1889, in New Orleans. United States political figure, plantation owner, and slaveholder.

From 1853 to 1857, Davis was minister of war. During the Civil War (1861-65) he was president of the confederation of southern slaveowning states, which had rebelled and declared their independence from the USA. He was taken prisoner by the North in 1865. After he was freed in 1867, Davis no longer participated actively in politics.

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Evans, 56, has a private practice in Monticello, but at the time he was also the longtime public defender for both Jefferson Davis County and the town of Prentiss.
The Grand Canard Mitigation Bank is a 1,748-acre site located in Jefferson Davis Parish just over 3 miles south of Bell City, Louisiana with 271.
A few weeks later, as the elderly woman strolled the grounds of Rosemont telling family stories, authenticating paint colors, remembering how the furniture was arranged, and identifying heirlooms still on the property, Beacroft began planning to track down all of the descendants of Jefferson Davis and his nine siblings.
He was also determined to bring Jefferson Davis to trial for conspiracy in the death of Lincoln, but in this he failed.
Jefferson Davis, wife of the Mississippi senator who would become president- of the Confederacy.
Here, the title is just a little bit of a cheat, as events before and after that momentous month are essayed as well, beginning with Abraham Lincoln's graceful, elegiac second inaugural address and his insistence that rebel soldiers not be punished, to the capture of Jefferson Davis, the Confederate president, in May.
The President's action makes Federal funding available to affected individuals in Acadia, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, Iberia, Jefferson Davis, Sabine, St.
The University of Texas at Austin will delay its plan to relocate the statues of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and former U.
In the preface of his book The Iron Will of Jefferson Davis, biographer Cass Canfield referenced a comment printed in the London Times in 1864, "The Americans are making war as no people ever made it before.
Fleming (winner of the Jefferson Davis medal for excellence in preservation and research of Civil War history by the United Daughters of the Confederacy) is an in-depth 344-page study of what is known as the "Southern Confederates" who were among the most educated, religious, and prestigious collections of troops to have been involved in the American Civil War.
The most remarkable aspect of watching Ken Burns' 11-hour documentary ``The Civil War'' is that no matter how many times you see scratchy old photographs of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis or hear some fiddle variation of ``Rally 'Round the Flag,'' it doesn't really matter.
Raines is now officially sworn in as an agent of the North, working with Allan Pinkerton, but he is also a Southern gentleman, the son of a Confederate officer who is a close friend of Jefferson Davis.

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