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It may be mentioned that nine people were injured on Sunday when gunmen opened fire at PTI supporters en route to attend the rally in Jehlum.
Experts from the Kashmir Environmental Protection Coordination Organisation (KEPCO) also found high levels of chemicals in the River Jehlum due to the flow of millions of tonnes of solid waste, garbage and sewage into the river.
ISLAMABAD: Minister for Finance Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar reviewed on Monday the progress work of Neelum Jehlum hydropower project and directed the team involved in the completion of the project to work in close coordination.
It may be mentioned here that under the provision of the Indus Water Treaty signed between the two countries in 1960, the waters of eastern rivers Sutlej, Beas and Ravi had been allocated to India whereas the western rivers Indus, Jehlum and Chenab were allocated to Pakistan apart from certain uses allowed to India including generation of hydro power through the flow of river plants.
He says, "Had Baglihar been the only dam being built by India on the Chenab and Jehlum, this would be a limited problem.
Among others, City Police Officer (CPO), Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi, SSP/RIB Dr Mohammad Azam, SSP (Operations) Karamat Ullah Malik, SPs Sadar, Rawal and Potohar Divisions and District Police Officers (DPOs) of Attock, Jehlum and Chakwal were present in the meeting.
Usman is a resident of district Jehlum and his family has refused to comment on the incident.
According to Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), Chaklala received 129mm rain, Shamsabad 48mm, Murree 122mm, Bokra 93mm, Saidpur 43mm, Golra 22mm, Muzaffarabad 43mm, Kakul 40mm, Rawalakot 18mm, Gujrat 14m, Garhi Dupatta 10mm, Sialkot Cantt 10mm, Chakwal, Malamjaba 07mm, Kotli, Jehlum 05mm, Mangla 04mm, Mandi Bahauddin 03mm and 01mm rain was recorded in Gujranwala during last 24 hours.
P 12, Garhidupatta, Rawalpindi, Islamabad (Saidupur) 10, Kakul, Sialkot (Cantt), Chitral 09, Rawalakot 08, Lahore (PBO) 07, Jehlum, Kotli, Saidu Sharif, Islamabad (Golra Bokra) 06, Drosh 05, Mirkhani, Lower Dir, Peshawar (City), Parachinar 04, Bannu, Sialkot (A/P), Astore, Mangla, Gujrat 03, Skardu 01 mm.
The AJ&K Prime Minister emphasized on the implementation of the electricity allotted quota, opertionalization of Tararkhal Azadpatan and Mangla Kolti lines and bringing water uses charges of Neelum Jehlum project at par with KPK.
Advocates Raja Irshad Abbass and Raja Atif Tahir submitted the applications of bail from PAT's side and said in the application that Police of Jehlum District arrested 110 persons from the custody of Bakkher Police and registered cases on the allegations of kidnapping 18 Policeman at Lalha Interchange, fighting and stoning on Police and weapon snatching from Police while such a case was also registered in Bakkher Police Station.
ISLAMABAD -- Indus River System Authority (IRSA) has rejected the Sindh objection on extra water to Punjab and released 15,000 cusecs of water into Chashma Jehlum link canal.