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The only war with a lesser cause was the War of Jenkins' Ear between England and Spain in the 18th century.
Q Further to the question about the War of Jenkins' Ear, where is the painting of Jenkins and does the ear still exist?
There are other paintings of scenes from the War of Jenkins' Ear in the National Maritime Museum.
That was until, in a minor 1731 incident, the brig Rebecca was boarded by the Spanish, its cargo seized, and Captain Robert Jenkins' ear sliced off in the scuffle.
Which two countries fought the so-called War of Jenkins' Ear in 1739?
The diplomatic history of Georgia; a study of the epoch of Jenkins' ear.
of the diplomatic struggle in the colonial Americas over the lands of Georgia between England and Spain during the era that also witnessed the less diplomatic Queen Anne's War, the War of Jenkins' Ear, and the French and Indian Wars.
Was the famous Jenkins' Ear, cause of a "war," really exhibited in brine solution and spoken to by credulous (paying) tourists?
Q Is anyone an expert on The War of Jenkins' Ear, between England and Spain?
9The infamous so-calledWar of Jenkins' Ear between Britain and Spain started how many years after the alleged ear-loppingincident?
The fly-half was rated as a major doubt after suffering a groin injury in a training match last Friday in France, but news Jones will be fit for the start of the tournament in France must be music to Jenkins' ears.