Jeremiah Horrocks

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Horrocks, Jeremiah


(also Horrox). Born circa 1617; died 1641. English astronomer.

Horrocks introduced improvements in the theory of lunar motion. Even before I. Newton’s discovery of the law of universal gravitation, he had conjectured that the disparities in the lunar motion were the result of the perturbing influence of the sun, and he noted several irregularities in the motions of the Saturn and Jupiter. Horrocks calculated in advance the transit of Venus across the sun’s disk (1639) and was the first to observe the phenomenon.

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The walk will discover the historical aspects of the area and the people associated with it including John Brodie, inventor and architect, John Moss, founder of the Midland Bank, astronomer Jeremiah Horrox and William Cross, animal dealer and the world's first lion tamer.
The Ancient Chapel of Toxteth is thought to be the burial place of Jeremiah Horrox, one of the most important scientists of the 17th century.
It was the brilliant young Jeremiah Horrox,born in Toxteth nearly 400 years ago(in 1619) who was the first in the world to predict this phenomenon.