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see Kota KinabaluKota Kinabalu
, formerly Jesselton,
town (1991 pop. 160,122), capital of Sabah, Malaysia, in N Borneo and on a small inlet of the South China Sea. It is the chief port and the financial and industrial center of the state .
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, Malaysia.
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The day prior, #983 tried to stir up Japanese activity in northwest Borneo by flying near the Japanese airfields at Kudate, Jesselton and Labuan, but no radars were heard operating.
5) As a result, many rubber companies began to take up land on the west coast, stretching from the Kudat Peninsula (Langkon Estate), to Bukit Padang Estate (which eventually emerged after the establishment of Jesselton in 1899), to Putatan and Lok Kawi estates, Papar Estate, Membakut Estate, and Mawao Estate in the south.
AGAS operatives also carried out sabotage of communication lines and other appropriate diversionary activity north of Jesselton.
Jesselton was a raw clutter, having been bombed flat during World War II.
While it was connected by railroad to the capital city of Jesselton (later renamed Kota Kinabalu after Independence in 1963), previous governors had restricted foreigners from applying for land in this area.
He had the ear of Lee Kuan Yew, he breezed the Sulu Sea with Tun Mustapha, and he was instrumental in Jesselton being given a new name, albeit not the one he originally preferred (p.
Institutional partnerships between the focus areas of the Brunei Darussalam Indonesia Malaysia the Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) continue to expand and diversify with the recently sealed academe collaboration between the Palawan State University (PSU) Philippines and Jesselton College Kota Kinabalu.
In Jesselton, some Chinese bus drivers refused to transport anyone they suspected of carrying Japanese goods, while in the interior town of Tenom, the signboards and the kaki lima (walking pavement) of three shops dealing with Japanese goods were smeared with human excrement.
The Japanese entered Kuching on Christmas eve, occupied Labuan on New Year's Day, and Jesselton, January 9, 1942.
Arriving in Jesselton (by way of Singapore) aboard the S.
22) Elsewhere, Jesselton fell on 9 January 1942, (23) Sandakan and Balikpapan on the 19th, Sibu on the 29th, and Kapit on the next day.
Secretary to the Inter-Governmental Committee at Jesselton, 1962-3.