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Combining the power of Avid's industry-standard Media Composer software with the revolutionary Adrenaline Digital Nonlinear Accelerator(TM) (Avid DNA(TM)) hardware - which scales in performance with the processing speed and capacity of the host CPU - the Media Composer Adrenaline system supports DV25, IMX, DV50, Meridien(TM) JFIF, AVR, and uncompressed 601 resolutions, and is compatible with other Avid editing systems.
standard definition formats (Meridien(TM) JFIF, ABVB AVRs)
With its ability to ingest industry standard DV25, DV50, D10 (MPEG) and JFIF formats, the Xdeck device offers significant workflow efficiencies by offloading the ingest of material from higher-priced video editing and server systems.