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state (2001 provisional pop. 26,909,428), 30,775 sq mi (79,714 sq km), E central India; created in 2000 from S BiharBihar
or Behar
, state (2001 provisional pop. 82,878,796), 36,420 sq mi (94,328 sq km), E central India. Patna is the capital. Bihar is bounded by Nepal (N) and by Indian states—West Bengal (E), Jharkhand (S), and Uttar Pradesh (W).
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, which now forms its northern border. Other bordering states are Chhattisgarh (W), West Bengal (E), and Odisha (Orissa; S). The capital is RanchiRanchi
, city (1991 pop. 614,795), capital of Jharkhand state, E central India. It is a district administrative center and a health resort, 2,128 ft (647 m) above sea level, in a region of tea plantations and rich coal deposits.
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. Part of the Chotanagpur plateau and a generally hilly region, Jharkhand rises to its greatest height (4,480 ft/1,365 m) in the Parasnath Hills of the east and has two major rivers, the Damodar and the Sawarnrekha. The state is a great source of India's mineral wealth with about a third of the nation's coal deposits as well as quantities of copper, mica, bauxite, quartz, chromite, dolomite, titanium, uranium, gold, and many others. Iron ore is found in the south and is processed at steelworks in Jamshedpur and Bokaro. In addition, the state has mines, factories, and large timber reserves from the forests that cover nearly 30% of its area. Its arable land produces various kinds of fruits and vegetables. Despite these resources, by the beginning of the 21st cent. the state was underdeveloped. The population is characterized by a large number of non-Hindu tribal peoples, many of them from the aboriginal Santal group. A movement advocating the separation of this culturally distinct region from the state of Bihar began in the early years of the 20th cent., recurred a number of times, peaked during the 1980s, and sparked violence in the 1990s.
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The department also said that Jharkand has an authentic and tested system of ayurvedic treatment for most diseases, including blood pressure, diabetes and paralysis.
Sify's system integration practice has gained momentum after Sify won numerous State Data Center projects including Tripura, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Jharkand and Kerala.
Maoist rebels who hijacked a train in India's eastern state of Jharkand early Wednesday, a day ahead of the second phase of the country's general election, released its passengers unharmed later in the day, Indian media reported.
In the eastern Jharkand state, another landmine was detonated killing six paramilitary soldiers and two civilians.
Dozens of voting stations were shut as anti-industrialist Maoist rebels struck at sites including Jharkand and Bihar.
The rebels struck early in the state of Jharkand, using landmines that killed at least seven people including five security personnel on election duty, deputy commissioner Sarvendu Tathagat said.
BCC models also shows that Assam, Haryana, Jharkand, Kerala and Pondichery, UP are efficient itself but not as a peer to any inefficient DMUs.
Two types of suspensions were used: iron and manganese ores (gifts from Joda Mines, Jharkand, India).
Often they become victims of exploitation by non-tribals in various ways They are often alienated from theft own land and made to work as bonded agricultural labour by usurious money lenders, the rate of the tribals has not realty Improved even in the two newly created tribal States of Chhattisgarh and Jharkand.
Satyendra Dubey, a 31-year-old civil engineer, repeatedly complained to his superiors about the 'loot of public money' he saw on his part of the project in Jharkand.