jim crow

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Crow, Jim

See Rice, Thomas Dartmouth.

jim crow

[′jim ′krō]
(design engineering)
A device with a heavy buttress screw thread used for bending rails by hand.

Jim Crow

Negro stereotype popularized by 19th-century minstrel shows. [Am. Hist.: Van Doren, 138]
See: Bigotry
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We have a long-standing relationship with America Online built on a firm foundation of partnership between the companies in which Level 3 has been one of AOL's key suppliers of network services for the past several years," said Level 3 CEO Jim Crowe.
Houman Modarres, 3Com - Joe Rinde, Director, Internet Architecture, AT&T Labs - Alistar Woodman, Cisco Systems - Jerry Chang, CEO, Clarent - Eric Sumner, CEO, dynamicsoft - Ofer Gneezy, CEO, iBasis - Jim Crowe, CEO, Level3 - David Gurle, Microsoft - Jeff Pulver, CEO, pulver.
I have worked with Jim Crowe and Level 3 for many years and have tremendous respect for him and his team," said Mr.
Thousands of Internet professionals attended over 130 educational sessions, panels and keynote addresses presented by such luminaries as Jim Crowe (Level 3), Sean Maloney (Intel Corp.
Level 3 President and Chief Executive Officer Jim Crowe made the announcement during a press conference in Hong Kong, where he outlined key elements of the company's Asian expansion strategy.
Hear from the foreman leading a next generation network construction as keynote speaker Jim Crowe, President and CEO of Level 3 Communications, who takes the stage to talk about his company's efforts to become the first communications company to build an all-IP network.
They include Eric Benhamou, 3Com; Henry Blodget, Merrill Lynch; Eric Brewer, Inktomi; Todd Brooks, Mayfield Fund; Jim Crowe, Level 3; Yogen Dalal, Mayfield Fund; Sky Dayton, eCompanies; Jon DeVaan, Microsoft; John Drew, Lucent; Kathleen Earley, AT&T; Bill Esrey, Sprint; Dave Farber, FCC; Adam Grosser, Excite@Home; Joe Guglielmi, Motorola; Dan Hesse, TeraBeam; Reed Hundt, McKinsey & Company; David Isenberg, isen.
ISP 99 USA opens with keynote speakers, including Jim Crowe, CEO of Level 3, Netscape founder and AOL adviser Marc Andreessen, John Sidgmore, Vice Chairman of Telecoms giant MCI WorldCom, and Garry Betty, CEO of leading ISP Earthlink, among others.
Jim Crowe of Level 3, Excite@Home's Tom Jermoluk, Marc Andreesson of America Online and 80 other top league players of the internet world will be speaking at ISP USA '99, www.
Jim Crowe, Level 3 president and CEO, and Rich McGinn, Lucent chairman and CEO, will be participating on the call.