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(jĭn`shä`), formerly


(shä`shû`) or


(shä`sē`), city (1994 est. pop. 683,000), S Hubei prov., China, on the Chang River. It is an important trade center for the N Dongting Lake basin and the site of a massive reservoir built to protect the central Hubei plains from floods. Textile and handicrafts are the main products. Jinsha is connected to Hunan prov. by canal.
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com Sino Rubber Machinery Jinsha Park Sanming New and High-Tech Industry Development Zone Fujian Province, China 365500 0598-5066366 0598-5066158 Fax: 0598-5066399 Website: www.
Offer includes: Return economy class airfare on Air China, second-class high-speed bullet train ticket, four-star hotel accommodation in Holiday Inn Express Temple or similar (Beijing), Holiday Inn Express Jinsha or similar (Shanghai) with daily breakfast and five dinners.
PowerChina Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited -- Jinsha River Longkaikou Hydropower Station Project -- (Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China)
pposedly ger a Their son was supposedly last seen close to Tiger Leaping Gorge, canyon on Yunnan's Jinsha River where people smuggle DICTATOR Kim said to have themselves across the border between North Korean and China.
In the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the hydropower planning in our country mainly concentrated in the Jinsha River, Dadu River, the Yalu River and the full Cang River Basin.
The Ballydoyle handler has a typically strong hand and could also run Giovanni Canaletto, Highland Reel and Jinsha Lake.
Modeling and analysis of effects of precipitation and vegetation coverage on runoff and sediment yield in Jinsha River Basin.
En esta region, donde los rios Lancang (alto Mekong), Jinsha y Nu caen desde los Himalayas, al noroeste de Yunnan, se encuentra el sitio de los Tres Rios Paralelos (Sanjiang Bingliu) que en 2003 la unesco designo Patrimonio de la Humanidad; ademas, el rio Nu pasa por regiones con una gran diversidad etnica.
A year ago, McIlroy shot a 67 for a one-shot win over Woods at Jinsha Lake.
Among the 41 papers-become-articles are discussions of an analytical methodology for studying the corrosion of ferrous archaeological remains in soils, the in situ preservation and monitoring of the James Matthews shipwreck site, issues of in situ conservation at Jinsha in the People's Republic of China, the results of cultural management of the Croatian Archaeological Heritage with special considerations for cost effectiveness in the case of Roman lovia, and a survey of visitors to colonial archaeological sites conserved in situ in Australia and New Zealand.