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, Ger. Joachimsthal, town, NW Czech Republic, in Bohemia, in the Erzgebirge [ore mountains]. The productivity of its uranium mines, once extensive, has declined since World War II. It is also a noted health resort, with thermal radioactive springs.
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, Czech Republic.
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126 extension areas, 2,180 households, 82 business connections and probably about 23 school locations, Oriented to the municipal boundaries of the communities friedrichswalde, Joachimsthal, Althttendorf, Ziethen, Schorfheide, Britz, Chorin, Oderberg, Parsteinsee, Lunow-stolzenhagen, Liepe, Niederfinow, Eberswalde, Marienwerder , Melchow (schnholz district only)
Starting in the late Middle Ages, pitchblende was extracted from the Habsburg silver mines in Joachimsthal, Bohemia (now Jachymov in the Czech Republic), and was used as a coloring agent in the local glassmaking industry.
Georg von Dadelsen suggested that the paper of the autograph, made in Joachimsthal, near Carlsbad in Bohemia where Bach spent May to July 1720 in the suite of Prince Leopold of Anhalt-Cothen, may indicate that Carlsbad was the place where Bach assembled the fair copy (Johann Sebastian Bach, Sei solo a violin senza Basso accompagnato, BWV 1001-1006, Faksimile des Autographs, ed.
It originates from the word Taler, which was a shortened form of Joachimstaler - a coin first minted in 1519 from the silver of a mine in the town of Joachimsthal.
It originates from the word Taler, which was a shortened form of Joachimstaler - a coin that was first minted in 1519 from the silver of a mine in the north-eastern town of Joachimsthal.
Birth Year Name 1584 Vernier 1646 Flamsteed 1736 Bring 1739 Klugel 1939 Baker 1852 Frattini 1888 Courant 1924 Cohn 1942 Hawking 1814 Wantzel 1819 Adams 1883 Keynes 1816 Wolf 1905 Dubreil-Jacotin 1906 Feller 1922 Marchenko 1818 Joachimsthal 1840 Henrici 1852 Le, P.
For the remaining seven chapters of the book, he fills out detail and meaning by focusing on hymns in their actual local use in the Bohemian town called Joachimsthal.
Joachimsthal, a Bohemian free royal mining town, was established contemporaneously (1516) with the emergence of Lutheranism.
Esta hipotesis fue reforzada mediante mediciones adicionales que se realizaron en otras minas, en particular, en Joachimsthal en la region de Bohemia (hoy, republica Checa) de donde se extraia el mineral que utilizo Maria Curie en sus investigaciones.
The word Taler comes form "Tal" meaning the valley as the coin comes flore St Joachim valley in Bohemia where it was first minted at St Joachimsthal.
The mint in Joachimsthal in the Sudetenland produced a coin known as the thaler which was corrupted to dollar.
Von einer besessenen Jungfrawn eines Schmides Tochter / nicht weit vom Joachimsthal.