turkey one-feathered bird even more destitute than its owner. [Can. and Am. Usage: Brewer Dictionary, 589]
See: Poverty
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Why, that job's what he come to town for, an' we can't lead him to it too quick.
Satan asks God to take away Job's blessings and says his faith will disappear.
God agrees to the scheme, and Satan, measure by measure, takes away Job's possessions and his children and inflicts him with physical suffering.
Job's condition is so pitiful that when friends find him, they remain silent for a week.
To Job's surprise, the Lord responds to him in a storm.
To Job's intense questioning, God basically says, "My reasons are none of your business.
While salary is one of the most important factors in determining the worth of a job, workers today are far more selective in their career choice based on the job's growth potential, advancement, stress, and flexibility than in years past," said Meredith Hanrahan, senior vice president of marketing at Salary.
For example, if the original cause of the job failure no longer exists, aborting the entire job is unnecessarily pessimistic because it delays job completion and wastes the computer resources already spent running the job's upstream tasks, reducing the system's throughput.
Stottler Henke's ABHA system will monitor the execution of each task, detect task failures, diagnose their cause, and recover intelligently by applying knowledge of the cluster's configuration and topology, knowledge of each job's decomposition into parallel and sequential tasks, and optional knowledge of each task's resource requirements.
The Job Cost module is a tool that provides our users with an 'up-to-the-minute' picture of a job's progress, cost and profit," said David Bassiri, Cougar Mountain Software president.
ColorAdjust: Allows users to modify a job's color after it
Softshoe also provides statistical analysis of all Web activity, such as the number of times a job has come up in a search result, the number of times the job's long description has been viewed, and the number of on-line job submissions that have been received.