Johann Fischart

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Fischart, Johann


Born 1546 or 1547 in Strasbourg; died 1590 in Forbach, Lotharingia. German satirist, publicist, and moralist.

Fischart, a Protestant, denounced the Catholic Church and the Jesuits and depicted the vices and virtues of the burghers. In his didactic work A Philosophical Booklet on Education for Marriage (1578) he advocated a strong family and sensible upbringing of children. In Geschichtsklitterung (1575), a free adaptation of the first book of F. Rabelais’s novel Gargantua and Pantagruel, Fischart demonstrated a verbal inventiveness, versatile erudition, and vividness of description of everyday life.


In Russian translation:
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In the preface, the translator Johann Fischart discusses the word not as a humoresque piece in the tradition of Pliny, but in connection with the image of the Greek satyr Silenus, whose grotesque appearance concealed his internal seriousness.