Johann Pachelbel

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Pachelbel, Johann

(päkhĕl`bĕl, päkh`əlbĕl'), 1653–1706, German organist and composer, b. Nuremberg. He held a number of posts as an organist in German churches, returning to his birthplace in 1695, where he became the organist at St. Sebald's Church. As a composer he is best known for his chorale preludes and variations, and is famous for the haunting and much-recorded Canon in D Major. Pachelbel is credited with significant influence on the keyboard works of Johann Sebastian BachBach, Johann Sebastian
, 1685–1750, German composer and organist, b. Eisenach; one of the greatest and most influential composers of the Western world. He brought polyphonic baroque music to its culmination, creating masterful and vigorous works in almost every musical
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. Two of Pachelbel's sons, Wilhelm Hieronymus Pachelbel, c.1685–1764, b. Erfurt, and Carl Theodorus Pachelbel, 1690–1750, were also musicians and composers; they primarily followed their father's style. The younger son emigrated to the New World c.1730 and became a well-known musical figure in Rhode Island, New York, and South Carolina, and died in Charleston.

Pachelbel, Johann


Baptized Sept. 1, 1653, in Nuremberg; died there Mar. 3, 1706. German composer and organist.

Pachelbel headed the Middle German school of organists and was one of the predecessors of J. S. Bach. He worked in Vienna, Eisenach, Erfurt, Stuttgart, Gotha, and Nuremberg. His composing was closely linked to his performing; of major importance were his works for organ and clavier. He also composed church cantatas and other works.


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