Capgrave, John

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Capgrave, John,

1393–1464, English author and Augustinian friar. One of the most learned men of his day, he was a distinguished theologian, philosopher, and historian. His writings, many of which have been lost, include a chronicle of England up to 1417 and the Latin works De illustribus Henricis [on illustrious men named Henry] and Nova legenda Angliae [new legends of England], a rewriting of a collection of lives of English saints by a monk of Tynemouth.
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his scattered pieces on John Capgrave, written over a period of close on
To the links of A with Bokenham at Clare and Lydgate at Bury St Edmunds can be added, albeit more tenuously, John Capgrave at King's Lynn.
The book, a collection of devotional works, also contains John Capgrave, The solace of pilgrimes.