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Cockcroft, Sir John Douglas,

1897–1967, English physicist, educated at the Univ. of Manchester and St. John's College, Cambridge. He was a fellow of St. John's College (1928–46) and professor of natural philosophy at Cambridge (1939–46). After serving (1941–44) as chief superintendent of the Air Defence Research and Development Establishment, he directed (1944–46) the atomic energy division of the National Research Council of Canada and became (1946) the director of the British Atomic Energy Research Establishment. The 1951 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded jointly to Cockcroft and E. T. S. WaltonWalton, Ernest Thompson Sinton,
1903–95, Irish physicist, educated at Methodist College (Belfast), Trinity College (Dublin), and Cambridge. He became a fellow of Trinity College in 1934 and professor of natural and experimental philosophy there in 1946.
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 for their pioneering work in transmuting atomic nuclei by bombarding elements with artificially accelerated atomic particles. He was knighted in 1948.


See B. Cathcart, The Fly in the Cathedral (2004).

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34) At Chalk River, physicist John Cockcroft took over from Hans Halban the direction of the British/Canadian team to design the first reactor outside the USA.
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Although our great-grandparents recognised the problems of stiffening of the arteries it was not possible to measure this in the general population at that time,' said John Cockcroft.
Professor John Cockcroft, professor of cardiology at the Wales Heart Research Institute, said Wales needs 'central leadership' if it is to tackle heart disease rates - which remain higher in Wales than in England - rather than giving money to small groups around the country in the hope that it will make a difference.
But Professor John Cockcroft and his team and keen to see other members of the family - especially children - to check on the hereditary nature of the condition.
Professor John Cockcroft, professor of cardiology at the Wales Heart Research Institute, said, 'While I very much welcome statins being made available over the counter, we need to be careful.
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