John Dunstable

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Dunstable, John

(dŭn`stəbəl), c.1385–1453, English composer. Dunstable is thought to have accompanied his patron, the duke of Bedford, to France. About 60 of his works—nearly all sacred pieces—are extant. He was among the first composers to begin to unify the musical setting of the Mass. Dunstable was the outstanding English composer of his time and influenced composers at the Burgundian court, including Guillaume Dufay and Gilles Binchois. His name is sometimes spelled Dunstaple.
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Two manuscripts contained music theory treatises, one monophony, and two polyphonic music, leading Ward to suggest that the faculty member was responsible for liturgical performances for a number of feasts, utilizing plainchant as well as polyphony of such composers as Dufay, Gilles Binchois, John Dunstable, Johannes Bedyngham, and central European Petrus Wilhelmi.