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Forsyth, John

(fôrsīth`), 1780–1841, American cabinet member, b. Fredericksburg, Va. He began law practice in Augusta, Va., and was in the House of Representatives from 1813 until his election to the Senate in 1818. In Feb., 1819, he resigned to become minister to Spain. After serving again in the House of Representatives (1823–1827), as governor of Georgia (1827–1829), and for a second time as U.S. senator (1829–34), he became secretary of state under President Jackson and continued to hold the office during President Van Buren's administration. As secretary of state he was concerned chiefly with gaining compensation from France for plundering U.S. ships during the Napoleonic Wars, with the question of the annexation of Texas, with the Caroline AffairCaroline Affair.
In 1837 a group of men led by William Lyon Mackenzie rebelled in Upper Canada (now Ontario), demanding a more democratic government. There was much sympathy for their cause in the United States, and a small steamer, the Caroline, owned by U.S.
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, and with the disputed boundary between Maine and New Brunswick, Canada.


See biography by A. L. Duckett (1962).

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And, of course, no Xmas Factor would be complete without a judging panel - with singer/ songwriter Elaine Palmer, manager of Tees Valley Music Service Susan Robertson and renowned musical director John Forsyth MBE in the line-up.
Pte John Forsyth of the 1st Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers is recorded as having died on August 25, 1918, and was buried at Cologne Cemetery alongside hundreds of other PoWs.
Cleveland Philharmonic Choir, Sage Gateshead CONDUCTED by long-standing musical director John Forsyth, the choir marked its first appearance here with stirring performances of two of the 20th Century's notoriously challenging choral works.
In fact, former UK prime minister and Iraq War architect Tony Blair is so good in avoiding justice that he has even used his close ties with John Forsyth, his former special adviser and current UK chief executive of Save the Children, to grant him the organization's "Global Legacy Award.
A DIFFERENT actor was cast in the role of Charlie, but when he arrived drunk to a voice-over session, producer Aaron Spelling immediately called John Forsyth and offered him the job.
com), Craig Allen Thomas, David Reitman, John Forsyth (forsyth@csc.
John Forsyth, CEO of Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa and South Dakota, said, "People ask, 'Why isn't everything covered?
Mrs Ann Skelding and Mr Barry Skelding's eldest daughter Amanda Louise Skelding married John Forsyth MacRae, the eldest son of Mrs Gladys MacRae and Mr John MacRae.
The articles include names from history such as Lachlan Macquarie, Brisbane and John Macarthur as well as John Fraser, carpenter and builder, John Forsyth Geddes, a grocer, David Lennox, engineer and Robert Adam Ritchie, manufacturer and Member of Parliament.
According to John Forsyth of the Forsyth family, which has been the bank's majority stockholder, 'the town just died around us'.
4 SCOTTISH ROOTS: His grandfather was John Forsyth, son of William Forsyth, who was born in Aberdeen in 1737.
John Forsyth thought he had nothing to lose by buying his council house.