John Glenn

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Glenn, John


Born July 18, 1921, in Cambridge, Ohio. US pilot and astronaut; marine colonel.

Glenn graduated from the flying school of the Naval Air Training Center in Texas in 1943, after which he served in various Marine Corps units. He graduated from the navy’s school for test pilots in Maryland in 1954, and he made a nonstop transcontinental flight in a supersonic airplane in 1957. He has been a member of a group of astronauts of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration since 1959. On Feb. 20, 1962, Glenn became the first person in the USA to make a five-hour (three-orbit) flight around the earth, in the spacecraft Friendship 7 (Project Mercury).

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Professor Porter told the crowd that a young John Glenn, growing up in the Depression, "laid in his bed, looking at the sky and wondering if he could touch the stars.
Marine Lieutenant John Glenn, 40, travelled about 81,000 miles as he circled the globe three times at more than 17,000 mph (27,000kph).
Back by popular demand was John Glenn, another special favourite in the Ingram family home.
It was obvious to us, these kids had been well schooled in archery through the John Glenn Archery Club, and each displayed excellent skills and determination on our short fish hunt.
At the age of 77, John Glenn holds the distinction of being the world's oldest astronaut as well as the first American to orbit the Earth.
A goofily odd statue of John Glenn made Out of "memory ware" (found fragments of family china, parti-colored glass, etc.
John Glenn has been selected dean of occupational technologies at the north campus of the Community College of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh.
Small business participation in NASA programs represents over 30% of its business portfolio and plays a critical role in key programs like the International Space Station, the Mars Pathfinder, QuikScat, and the John Glenn launch, just to name a few," says Ralph C.
This would also explain the scientifically indefensible John Glenn flight: It was meant to test-market the idea of launching geezers into space, where they will orbit peacefully for all of eternity, with no need for any Social Security checks.
OAP astronaut John Glenn last night made the final preparations for his historic return to space and admitted he had never been "so excited" in his life.
Tile big difference: The 10-day space voyage will make John Glenn, now 77, tile oldest human ever to travel in space.