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Hanson, John,

1715–83, first "President of the United States in Congress Assembled," b. Charles co., Maryland. He served in the Maryland provincial legislature, was active in the patriot cause in the Revolution, and was (1780–82) a member of the Continental Congress. Since he was the first President to serve the one-year term (1781–82), under the Articles of Confederation, Hanson is sometimes referred to as the first President of the United States. His duties were, however, merely those of a presiding officer and bore no relation to the duties of the President under the Constitution.


See biography by S. W. Smith (1932).

Hanson, John

(1715–83) colonial and Revolutionary official; born in Charles County, Md. He served in the Maryland Assembly almost continuously from 1757 to 1779. He signed the Association of the Freemen of Maryland (1775), which approved armed resistance against the British. Elected to the Continental Congress in 1779, he signed the Articles of Confederation (1781) and then served as president of the Congress of the Confederacy—some historians have therefore called him "the first president of the United States." He worked to free the public lands to the west from the control of individual states, especially Virginia.
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Marotti show us in Ink, Stink Bait, Revenge, and Queen Elizabeth: A Yorkshire Yeoman's Household Book, what is of the most interest to this story is the condition of its survival and compilation: it makes up a large part of a remarkable Yeoman's commonplace book, acquired in 2007 by the British Library, compiled by John Hanson of Rastrick, Yorkshire (1517-99), a scrivener and legal agent who, sometime in the late 16th century, began collecting material for preservation.
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John Hanson (1517-99) of Rastrick, Yorkshire, who worked as a scrivener and legal agent, began to compile his household book at an uncertain time, and completed it by 1589 at the earliest.
Author Lecture John Hanson Mitchell, "An Eden of Sorts: The Natural History of My Feral Garden,'' 7 p.
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