John Hawkins

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Hawkins, John


(also Hawkyns). Born in 1532 in Plymouth; died Dec. 11, 1595. English admiral.

Hawkins laid the foundation for the English slave trade, which was one of the sources of the primary accumulation of capital in England. In 1588 he fought in the battle against the Spanish Armada. In 1595, together with Admiral F. Drake, he took part in an expedition to the West Indies. Hawkins died during the voyage.

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MobileA computerA company Psion plc (LSE:PON) confirmed on Friday that John Hawkins has taken over from Dr.
The main events of Drake's life are well known, and Dudley does little more than briefly summarize them: his voyages of semiofficial piracy to the Caribbean in the 1560s and 1570s; his spectacular and provocative circumnavigation of 1577-1580; his raid on Cadiz in 1587 and role in defeating the Armada in 1588; and his death, with John Hawkins, during a futile series of raids along the Spanish Main in 1596.
We anticipate this positive direction to continue both in performance and lower insurance costs," said John Hawkins, chief executive officer of Cloud 9.
Gifts of pounds 20 come from Jean and Barry Fletcher "in memory of a wonderful man John Hawkins in lieu of flowers" and also from Jeanie Loader "to the memory of John Hawkins, a kind and caring man".
Perkins was the lead detective in the murder case against John Hawkins, who was captured off the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean after several years on the lam.
An English naval commander, John Hawkins (1532-1595), introduced it to England in 1565.
In this work he described the voyages to the New World of the Cabots, Sir John Hawkins, Sir Francis Drake, Martin Frobisher, Sir Walter Raleigh, and others.
The Hoover Books-A-Million will be part of The Grove, located at the intersection of I-459 and John Hawkins Parkway.
Divisional commander and Chief Superintendent John Hawkins said: "It is very important for me that we focus our efforts on the issues that affect communities.
Captain John Hawkins received the trophy from Newcastle Falcons coach John Wells to cap off a superb day of school rugby.
John Hawkins has been named as new Chairman by MLL Telecom, for backing up ansextend its developing its portfolio of services.