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Whether founded prior to the Catholic University in Dublin and the publication of "The Idea of the University" or not, all are strongly influenced by the vision and philosophy of John Henry Cardinal Newman.
Now the faithful from across the globe are set to travel thousands of miles to honour the Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman, the cleric tipped to become Britain's next saint.
And, without the slightest irony, John Henry Cardinal Newman, father of the Second Vatican Council, described Chrysostom as "a bright cheerful gentle soul .
John Henry Cardinal Newman said that people will die for a dogma who will not stir for a conclusion.
The standard biographies of Newman up to now have been Wilfrid Ward's The Life of John Henry Cardinal Newman (2 vols.
It is named after its patron, Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, who was beatified during the Pope's visit to Birmingham in 2010.
Philippe also showed us where Pope Benedict XVI prayed during his visit in 2010 to beatify John Henry Cardinal Newman (1801-1890).