John Rennie

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Rennie, John,

1761–1821, British civil engineer. In London he designed the Waterloo (1811–17) and Southwark (1815–19) bridges. London Bridge, also designed by him, was built (1824–31) by his son, Sir John Rennie, 1794–1874, who was knighted on its completion.
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Unprecedented changes [demographically] are expected to make the world in 2050 a very different place than it is today," suggests Scientific American editor John Rennie.
But Chief Constable John Burbeck and John Rennie, chairman of the Warwickshire Police Authority, hit back at the claims made by Mr Edmond.
The rules of California have often led to changes that have taken place throughout the country, and in this case, we particularly admired the standard that Assembly member Pavley was (setting),'' said John Rennie, editor-in-chief of Scientific American.
Benton and John Rennie Short, Blackwell, Oxford and Malden, Mass.
Former North Lanarkshire Council unit chief John Rennie, 55, repeatedly beat Stuart Baigrie on the head after the pair argued over a work-related matter.
In earlier days he was in Crossroads and also played Dr John Rennie in the hit 60s hospital soap Emergency Ward 10.
John Rennie, 64, who runs the group with wife Joy, also 64, said there were three distinctive traditions of morris dancing: the Welsh borders style in special costumes, North West Morris which used clogs, bells and garlands, and Cotswolds which favoured hankies.
John Rennie, 60, was found guilty of wounding father-of three Jaimie Hughes.
John Rennie, chairman of the police authority, said the Home Office ought to be thanking Warwickshire for delivering overtime cuts in a year instead of three years, rather than 'nit-picking' about details.
IN the late 50s and early 60s, Richard cut a dash as suave heart-throb Dr John Rennie in Emergency Ward 10.