John Scotus

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John Scotus:

see Duns Scotus, JohnDuns Scotus, John
[Lat. Scotus=Irishman or Scot], c.1266–1308, scholastic philosopher and theologian, called the Subtle Doctor. A native of Scotland, he became a Franciscan and taught at Oxford, Paris, and Cologne.
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; Erigena, John ScotusErigena, John Scotus
[Lat. Scotus=Irish, Erigena=born in Ireland], c.810–c.877, scholastic philosopher, born in Ireland. About 847 he was invited by Charles II, king of the West Franks (later Holy Roman emperor), to take charge of the court school at Paris.
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Among the topics are John Scotus Eriugena and the uses of dialectic, Peter of Ireland and Aristotelianism in southern Italy, minor scholastics of Irish origin up to 1500, the contribution of Hugo Cavellus (d.
Three theologians belonging in different degrees to this tradition are discussed, namely John Scotus Eriugena, Anselm of Canterbury and Nicolas of Cusa, and it is argued that all three, in maintaining the ineffability of God, reach positions that are in effect forms of agnosticism.
We have already been introduced to the writings of Pelagius and John Scotus Eriugena.
Starting with Cicero's definition of philosophy as something detached from reality, which was largely misunderstood by later generations, d'Onofrio covers most of the great thinkers of Christian Europe: Plotinus, John Scotus Eriugena, Boethius, Augustine, Alcuin, Lanfranc, Peter Damian, Peter Abelard, Anselm of Canterbury, Nicholas of Cusa and many, many more.