John Sell Cotman

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Cotman, John Sell

(kŏt`mən), 1782–1842, English landscape painter and etcher. He was a leading representative of the Norwich school. Cotman studied in London and in 1806 settled in Norwich where he opened an art school. He suffered periods of melancholia throughout his life. He took up etching c.1810 and produced several series of etchings of English, and later French, antiquities. His Liber Studiorum (1838) is an outstanding work in this medium. For the last nine years of his life he was a drawing master at King's College, London. Although Cotman's work was but little appreciated in his day, it is now highly prized for its fine color, decorative and structural qualities, and sustained poetic mood. He is best known for his watercolors and drawings, of which the British Museum possesses many, including the famous Greta Bridge. Cotman's oil paintings are in many British galleries.


See catalog by V. G. R. Rienaecker (1953).

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This particular painting I by John Sell Cotman I is probably an abstract of Cromer beach.
And the painters of clouds, from John Sell Cotman to the French Impressionists, usually included at the bottom of their pictures a pasture with cows.
There was also a new auction record for John Sell Cotman.
They include works by JMW Turner, Paul Sandby, JR Cozens, John 'Warwick'' Smith, Thomas Varley, Thomas Girtin, Anthony Vandyke, Copley Fielding, Peter de Wint, David Cox and John Sell Cotman.
The eight-lecture season also includes Medieval England, Cambodia, the USA's west coast and art historian David Hill on John Sell Cotman.
Harewood's big summer exhibition, until October 30, features 81 paintings of Yorkshire and Humberside by John Sell Cotman (1782-1842) and takes its title from Jane Austen's novel, Sense and Sensibility.
Wilenski called Nash 'the John Sell Cotman of to-day (1)--putting him on a par with another artist who painted in both media (though Cotman is more famous today for his watercolours).
Also included are some by the artists' contemporaries such as George Stubbs, John Sell Cotman, John Crome and Francis Danby who, similarly lured by the great outdoors, had taken to sketching and painting in the openair.
Members were given a choice of eight cards, including one with an image of Cader Iris by John Sell Cotman and one of the Morpheus Bronze by Sir William Goscombe John.
Two new watercolour rooms have been created to display paintings by Turner (who first visited Harewood in 1797), Girtin, Varley, Malton, John Sell Cotman and others.
Works by other notable artists who influenced Wise also sold at the auction, including John Sell Cotman, Sir George Clausen, Phillip Wilson, and John Wilson Carmicheal.