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Stuart, John:

see Bute, John Stuart, 3d earl ofBute, John Stuart, 3d earl of
, 1713–92, British politician. He was prominent as a friend of Frederick Louis, prince of Wales, as early as 1747 and became the tutor of Frederick's impressionable son, the future
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Before Avis Everhard was born, John Stuart Mill, in his essay, ON LIBERTY, wrote: "Wherever there is an ascendant class, a large portion of the morality emanates from its class interests and its class feelings of superiority.
There were also one or two portraits of fathers and grandmothers, and an engraving of John Stuart Mill, after the picture by Watts.
It discusses individuals like Thomas Sumter, Henry Timberlake, Ostenaco, Henry Laurens, William Moultrie, Christopher Gadsden, Andrew Pickens, Francis Marion, William Henry Lyttleton, William Henry Drayton, John Stuart, Alexander McGillivray, Thomas Jefferson, and Attakullakulla; the Cherokee War of 1759-61 and its effects on South CarolinaAEs relations with Indians and the British; the American Revolution in South Carolina and the involvement of Native Americans; and Southern Indian policy in the early Republic.
John Stuart Mill had an unusually intensive classical education that enabled him to read Greek and Latin as a young man with a fluency that few people today manage in a lifetime.
The work will be revealed on the 150th anniversary of John Stuart Mill, MP, presenting the first mass petition calling for women's votes in the House of Commons, marking the start of a campaign which lasted decades.
John Stuart, senior electoral registration officer at Middlesbrough Council, said: "To make sure you are able to have your say at the elections next year, simply check the form when it arrives.
IT astounds me how the Liberal philosophy, pioneered by John Locke and John Stuart Mill, has been tragically neglected.
Conflict and Liberty in the Political Theory of Niccolo Machiavelli and John Stuart Mill
John Stuart Wilcock, 65, was hit by the fourwheeled bike while walk-wheeled walk ing with his wife and two dogs on New Brighton promenade on July 22.
John Stuart, great-grandson of the 10th Earl is now planning a housing project of his own in the Highlands carrying on the family tradition.
BORN HARRY HARR Truman, US president, 1884, above DAVID Attenborough, A broadcaster, 1926 ROBERT Johnson, blues singer, 1911 DIED DIRK Bogarde, lm actor, 1999, above JOHN Stuart Mill, philosopher, 1873 BRIAN Forbes, English actor, 2013
Among 19th-century critics are Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Stuart Mill, and Matthew Arnold.