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Varley, John,

1778–1842, English painter in watercolor; one of the founders of the Old Water Colour Society. He is best known for his paintings of Welsh mountain country. He was also an influential teacher, an astrologer, and a writer; among his writings are Landscape Design (1816) and A Treatise on Zodiacal Physiognomy (1828), which was inspired by works of William Blake, a good friend. His work is well represented at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Museum.
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John Varley, senior independent Non-Executive Director and Dame Nancy Rothwell, Non-Executive Director, both intend to retire from the Board at the close of the AGM on 24 April 2015, each having served as a Board member for nine years.
The others being investigated are John Varley, the bank's former CEO, Richard Boath, current co-head of global finance in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Roger Jenkins, former head of Barclays' tax advisory business.
FORMER Barclays chief executives Bob Diamond and John Varley have failed to hide their names from a Libor rate-rigging court claim.
In November 2008 Barclays' executives, John Varley and Chris Lucas, had entered into a critical sovereign wealth fund bailout deal that saved the bank from near bankruptcy.
Among the top performers were John Varley, 54, Barclays former chief executive who has a pounds 17m pension pot while Stephen Green, the chairman of HSBC, has a pot worth pounds 19m.
Last year Mr Hester waived his annual bonus along with Barclays Chief executive John Varley.
The firm said the handover from current chief executive John Varley will take place on January 1, three months earlier than previously expected.
OUTGOING Barclays chief executive John Varley will be grilled by the public on Thursday at an event in London organised by the Independent Commission on Banking.
John Varley, outgoing chief executive of Barclays, is believed to be a key player in the talks, which are still ongoing.
Mr Diamond, who is estimated to be worth pounds 95 million, will take over from John Varley after the incumbent steps down on March 31 next year, the bank announced.
Mr Diamond, who is estimated to be worth Au95 million, will take over from John Varley after the incumbent steps down next year.