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town (1990 pop. 26,542), Providence co., N central R.I., a suburb of Providence; inc. 1759. Among its manufactures are jewelry, textiles, and fabricated metals. Johnston is the home of several insurance companies. Its many historic landmarks include the Clemence-Irons House (c.1680).
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Tyree died from heart failure in 1980, but Johnston believes she prolonged his life with vitamin regimens, a practice she credits with fueling her vitality to this day.
The following year, she married Ray Johnston, six years her junior.
Johnston, the second of four children, had a brother and two sisters.
Johnston worked as a telephone operator an hour and a half before and after her high school classes and three hours after, earning 10 cents an hour.
Johnston sports glasses only for reading; she lives alone and does her own shopping and cooking.
Johnston remains a social member of the golf club, which feted her at a recent event; the lawn bowlers gave her a commemorative photo album.
Ned Shafer, who turns 95 on Wednesday and has known Johnston for about 27 years, says she's as sharp as ever.
For 20 years, Johnston was a devoted lawn bowler and taught the sport for seven years.
Among the many clubs Johnston has led over the years, her four-year presidency of the Bowlettes, the women's lawn bowling club, may be among her favorites.
It's the most skillful game devised by man,'' Johnston said.
1 -- color) Friendly Valley's Ruth Johnston, who turns 99 on Friday, has won a few lawn bowling trophies in her years on the greens.