Joint venture

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Joint venture

A legal arrangement in which two or more parties undertake to share the risks and rewards of a project on an agreed upon basis.

joint venture

A collaborative undertaking by two or more persons or organizations for a specific project (or projects) having many of the legal characteristics of a partnership.
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The Tribunal will consider the joint venture from 3 October to 25 October.
Key Topics Covered: Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Trends in joint venture partnerships
Joint ventures have been regularly used as vehicles for international operations for many years, as businesses entering a new territory have sought to team up with well-connected local players.
501 (c)(3)'s community benefit requirements and could only do so by being involved in a joint venture with a for-profit entity, because profits are needed to fired its charitable mission.
AlliedSignal announced that the consolidated Asian fibers company formed last October as a joint venture between AlliedSignal and three Korea-based companies, Sam Yang Corp.
The joint venture approach to managing receivables can turn a nagging headache into a profit opportunity and a tool to add value for investors and customers alike.
As a practical matter, most whole hospital joint ventures currently in place fall somewhere in between.
When testing is completed, the equipment will be turned over to the joint venture and final payment to the suppliers will be made.
The IRS first concluded that the partner's transfer of a portion of its business to the joint venture in exchange for the corporation's stock and cash should be characterized as a sale of property by the partner to the joint venture and treated as a transaction between a partnership and a party who is not a partner.
OCOM sells interexchange long distance telephone services to cellular customers of the joint venture in Ohio who have chosen OCOM as their long distance service provider, and to roamers on portions of the joint venture's Ohio Cellular system.
The governing documents of the joint venture should provide for the entity to be managed by a governing board consisting of a majority of individuals chosen by the tax-exempt hospital.
NASDAQ: MTCEF) announced today that it entered into a swap agreement with China Great Wall Industry Corporation, Shanghai Branch ("Great Wall-Shanghai") to exchange MTC's proposed 28 percent interest in a planned cellular telephone joint venture project in Shanghai for Great Wall-Shanghai's 50 percent interest in a planned joint venture in the city of Dongguan to provide cellular telephone and paging systems in the Pearl River Delta area of Guangdong Province.

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