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a period of Japanese history corresponding to the Neolithic period (eighth millennium to the middle of the first millennium B.C.). The Jomon period was typified by settlements with seashell mounds and sunken pit dwellings; simple pit burials; distinctive implements made of stone (polished from the outset; chipped shouldered and polished rectangular axes, knives with a small “button”) and bone (fishhooks and harpoons); pottery with raised or impressed cord patterns (jomon in Japanese) or with fanciful linear designs, primarily of spiral curvilinear form; and female figurines. The economy was based on hunting, fishing, and gathering. Direct ties with the neighboring cultures of the Asian mainland have not been traced. The bearers of the Jomon culture had anthropological features resembling those of the Ainu.

There are more than 100 local and chronological subdivisions of the Jomon period, which are grouped in five main stages: the very early Jomon (eighth-fifth millennia B.C. according to radiocarbon dating), early Jomon (fourth millennium B.C.), middle Jomon (third millennium B.C.), late Jomon (second millennium B.C.), and very late Jomon (first half of the first millennium B.C.; in northern Japan the very late Jomon period ended by the beginning of the Common Era).


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For a wider context, the author also gives concise treatments of the earlier and contemporaneous cultures of the neighbouring regions, closing with brief summaries that characterize hunter-gatherer pottery in other parts of the world--the Jomon ceramics of Japan and the Laurel Tradition in the Woodland pottery of North America.
Here several works sold for over to times their pre-sale estimates, including the Jomon Shakoki-dogu bust from Neolithic Japan illustrated in the May Apollo.
Small flake Flake BladeMicroblade Northern Flora Pan-mixed forest Cool temperate Paleo- coniferous forest Honshu Island Fauna PSC Fauna including Asiatic black bear (Nauman's elephant became extinct by 20 000 BP) Industry Small Trape- Blade (bifacial Micro Incipient flake zoid point point blade Jomon added) PSC: PalaeoLoxodon-Shinomegaceroides complex MFC: Mammoth-fauna complex
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Rachel Sussman's exploration of "Deep Time" was sparked more than a decade ago by a trip to see Jomon Sugi--an 83-foot-tall cryptomeria tree that has been living on a remote Japanese island for at least 2,180 years.
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In addition to the century-old items, such as the Japanese Jomon pots which enabled the Jomons to cook food such as stew, a number of modern, everyday objects are also on display.
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