Jones, Mary

Jones, Mary (b. Harris) (“Mother Jones”)

(1830–1930) labor leader; born near Cork, Ireland. Emigrating to Canada and then the United States as a child, she was widowed at age 37 when her husband, iron molder George Jones, and four children died of yellow fever (1867); she also lost her home in the Chicago fire (1871). She resumed earlier work as a dressmaker, worked with the Knights of Labor as an organizer, and beginning in the 1890s, after the decline of the Knights, organized coal miners and strikes for the United Mine Workers in Virginia, West Virginia, and Colorado. A legend in her time, known for her bold tactics, she fought on for decades; at age 89 she joined in a major steel walkout, earning a jail term. Her fame revived in the 1960s with the establishment of a socially conscious periodical named after her, Mother Jones Magazine.
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But aside from two free kicks and a breakaway from Nicole Gilbert, Westlake never seriously challenged the Lancers, who received a strong defensive performance from Alyson Birgel, Heather Davis, Talyah Iannolo, Kathryn Jones, Mary Madden and Kristine Quiroz.
Schneider's meticulous exploration of the premises of female Petrarchism and the Rime of two major exponents of poetic writing by women in the Italian Renaissance thoroughly pursues directions set up in existing scholarship by critics such as Fiora Bassanese, Ann Rosalind Jones, Mary Moore, Maria Zancan, and others, and effectively enriches the field by providing a systematic, comprehensive, and therefore much needed mapping of female Petrarchism that valorizes it as a poetic system in its own right.
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