Jorjo Tadic

Tadić, Jorjo


Born June 5,1899, in Starigrad, on the island of Hvar; died Oct. 4,1969, in Belgrade. Yugoslav historian. Permanent member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (1959; corresponding member, 1940).

Tadić studied at the universities in Zagreb, Belgrade, Prague, Leipzig, and Berlin. In 1936 he became a docent at the University of Zagreb, and in 1940, an instructor in the department of philosophy at the university in Belgrade. In 1968–69 he was head of the history section of the department of philosophy and head of the department of general modern history at the university in Belgrade and director of the Historical Institute in that city. Tadić’s main works were on the history of the Mediterranean in the 15th to 17th centuries.


Španija i Dubrovnik u XVI v. Belgrade, 1932.
Pisma i uputstva Dubrovačke republike, vol. 1. Belgrade, 1935.
Gradja o slikarskoj školi u Dubrovniku XIII-XIV v., vols. 1–2. Belgrade, 1952.
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He must have inherited the task to record, review, and reinterpret all material that has to do with Dubrovnik from his teacher, Jorjo Tadic, the father of that genre, which Krekic then perfected in his many monographs and essays on the subject.