Páez, José Antonio

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Páez, José Antonio

(hōsā` äntō`nyō pä`ās), 1790–1873, Venezuelan revolutionist, president, and caudillo. He boldly led (1810–19) a band of llaneros [plainsmen] in skillful guerrilla warfare against the Spanish, aided Simón BolívarBolívar, Simón
, 1783–1830, South American revolutionary who led independence wars in the present nations of Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.
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 at the battle of Carabobo (1821), and drove (1823) the Spanish from their last Venezuelan stronghold at Puerto Cabello. He led the separatist movement that disrupted Bolívar's Colombian republic and was the first president of Venezuela (1831–35). A conservative oligarch and exponent of personalism, he served again (1839–43), dominating the nation until 1847. Páez commanded unsuccessful revolutions in 1848 and 1849 against José T. MonagasMonagas, José Tadeo
, 1784–1868, Venezuelan political leader. He fought under Bolívar in the revolt against Spain. Chosen by José Antonio Páez as president in 1847, he set up a compromise administration.
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, his own choice for president, and was exiled (1850–58). He returned and in 1861 became supreme dictator. Two years later he again went into exile. He died in New York City.


See biography by R. B. Cunninghame Graham (1929, repr. 1970).

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He was a founding commander of the Jose Antonio Paez Company at the Academy in 1983-84.
The son of Motatan won the Clasico Jose Antonio Paez (2,000 Guineas) but was beaten a nose by Cantoreal in the GP MAC, the second leg of the local triple crown, over one and a quarter miles.