Tupac Amaru II

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Túpac Amaru II
BirthplaceSurimana-Canas, Cuzco, Viceroyalty of Peru

Tupac Amaru II


(real name José Gabriel Condorcanqui). Born circa 1740; died 1781. Leader of a Peruvian Indian rebellion against the oppression of the Spanish colonizers and local Creole landowners.

The rebellion led by Tupac Amaru II began in November 1780 in the village of Tungasuca, in the province of Tinta. It soon spread throughout the country, rallying the people to the cause of independence and the restoration of the Inca state. The rebel army, which grew to 60,000, defeated the Spanish on several occasions, inflicting a particularly severe blow at Sangarara, near Cuzco. The Spanish struck back near Checacupe in April 1781. Tupac Amaru II was captured and executed along with the other leaders of the rebellion. The rebellion continued until 1783 and had a significant influence on the liberation movement in the Spanish colonies.


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I must and do condemn Jose Gabriel Tupac Amaru to be taken out to the main public square of this city, that is Cuzco, dragged out to the place of execution, where he shall witness the execution of the sentences imposed on his wife Micaela Bastidas, his two sons Hipolito and Fernando, his uncle Francisco, and his brother-in-law Antonio, as well as some of the principal captains and aids in his iniquitous and perverse intent or project, all of whom must die the same day.