José Rafael Gabaldón

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Gabaldón, José Rafael


Born Nov. 4, 1882, in the village of Betijoque, state of Trujillo. Venezuelan public and political figure; a participant in the country’s political life since early youth.

During the dictatorship of J. V. Gómez, Gabaldón served a six-year prison term (1929-35) for political activity. From 1935 to 1945 he served as governor of the state of Lara and later as Venezuelan ambassador to Argentina, Brazil, and Cuba. Gabaldón actively participated in the Supporters of Peace Movement. In 1949 he became president of the Venezuelan Peace Committee, and in 1950 he became a member of the World Council of Peace. He was awarded the JoliotCurie Gold Medal of Peace in 1964. He has consistently ex-posed aggressive imperialistic designs and has supported the development of ties between Venezuela and the USSR. [5-1813-2; updated]