José Santos Zelaya

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Zelaya, José Santos


Born Nov. 1, 1853, in Managua; died May 17, 1919, in New York. Nicaraguan state figure.

As president of Nicaragua from 1893 to 1909, Zelaya enacted a number of reforms, such as the separation of church and state and the introduction of universal franchise and of civil marriage; he also promoted the development of public education. Zelaya sought to lessen Nicaragua’s dependence on the USA and to this end requested Japan to subsidize the construction of an interoceanic canal across Nicaragua. In addition, he advocated the establishment of a Central American confederation. Zelaya was forced from the presidency with the assistance of American monopolies.

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A century ago it was Jose Santos Zelaya and Victoriano Huerta.
En julio de 1895, el presidente Jose Santos Zelaya Lopez aprobo un decreto propuesto por el gobernador Agustin Duarte, prohibiendo el desembarque de chinos en toda la Costa Atlantica.
Jose Santos Zelaya tomo el poder en Nicaragua en 1893.
Ese presidente fue el nicaraguense Jose Santos Zelaya, quien tuvo cerca a su paisano, el gran poeta Ruben Dario.
Esse presidente foi o nicaraguense Jose Santos Zelaya, que teve proximo de si o conterraneo e grande poeta Ruben Dario.
Another visionary leader I came to admire while researching the history of American intervention is Jose Santos Zelaya, who ruled Nicaragua at the beginning of the 20th century.
Thus Holden adopts the tired and now discredited charge that Nicaragua's Jose Santos Zelaya, a liberal positivist and nationalist of Nicaragua, was the chief troublemaker of the region.
The indigenous of Matagalpa joined Conservative forces to wrest changes in land and labor laws from Jose Santos Zelaya, a detour not usually seen in literature that discusses Zelaya's steady march to "progress.
relations with Jose Santos Zelaya in Nicaragua, Zelaya's attempts to find alternate capital for the construction of an interoceanic canal after the U.
warships were ordered to Nicaragua after it was reported that 500 revolutionists, with two Americans among them, had been executed by the Nicaraguan dictator Jose Santos Zelaya.
In 1909 the Marines arrived again, this time to oust liberal President Jose Santos Zelaya, and returned in 1912.
Para librarse de ella (en su pais no existia el divorcio) y para conseguir del presidente Jose Santos Zelaya la legacion en Madrid, Dario regreso el 24 de noviembre de 1907, y tras catorce anos de ausencia, a Nicaragua.