Josef von Sternberg

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Josef von Sternberg
Jonas Sternberg
BirthplaceVienna, Austria-Hungary

Von Sternberg, Josef

(1894–1969) film director; born in Vienna, Austria. In New York at age 17, he became a film patcher for World Film. In 1917 he joined the Army Signal Corps and made training films. His first movie was The Salvation Hunters (1925). He became the master of the American screen with his pictorial compositions and light and shadow effects. Among his films were The Blue Angel (1930), The Scarlet Empress (1934), and Macao (1952).
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I was told by Josef von Sternberg, who is directing my Tragedy, that `America has nothing to learn from Europe', forgetting probably that he was born in Vienna.
Lo queremos pese a la siguiente afirmacion de David Carradine, el Caine o Pequeno Saltamontes de la serie setentera Kung Fu, otro de los protagonistas de esa insolita resurreccion actoral inaugurada por John Travolta en Pulp Fiction y continuada por Pam Grier y Robert Forster en Jackie Brown (1997): "Tarantino dice que quiere hacer peliculas con Uma Thurman por el resto de sus dias, que el es Josef von Sternberg y ella su Marlene Dietrich.
Quentin was so determined to cast Uma -whom he describes as Dietrich to his Josef von Sternberg -in the part he wrote specially for her, that he delayed production for a year in order to give her time to have her baby and then slim down to her fighting weight.
There he became an apprentice at UFA Studios, and observed such film masters as Josef von Sternberg, Fritz Lang, F.
MICHELANGELO ANTONIONI, who died this past July at the age of ninety-four, will be remembered as one of the greatest visual artists of the cinema, in the company of Sergei Eisenstein, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Josef von Sternberg, and Max Ophuls.
If you're Josef Von Sternberg and you're about to start shooting Morocco in 1930 and Marlene Dietrich gets pregnant, what do you do?
Pic was first of seven visually florid melodramas Dietrich made with Vienna-born director Josef von Sternberg.
He is currently working on a book about the career and legacy of director Josef von Sternberg.