Josef Albers

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Albers, Josef

(yō`zĕf äl`bĕrs), 1888–1976, German-American painter, printmaker, designer, and teacher, b. Bottrop, Germany. After working at the BauhausBauhaus
, artists' collective and school of art and architecture in Germany (1919–33). The Bauhaus revolutionized art training by combining the teaching of classic arts with the study of crafts.
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 (1920–33), Albers and his wife, the textile designer and weaver Anni Albers, emigrated to the United States when Hitler came to power. Albers taught throughout the Americas and Europe, headed the art department (1933–49) and was rector (1941–49) at Black Mountain CollegeBlack Mountain College,
former coeducational liberal arts college at Black Mountain, N.C., near Asheville. Founded (1933) by John Rice, also the school's first rector (1933–40), on the progressive education principles of John Dewey, it placed a strong emphasis on the arts.
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, and was director of the Yale School of Art (1950–58), where he was responsible for major innovations in art education. An extremely versatile artist, he is best known for his Homage to the Square, a series of paintings and prints begun in 1949. These serene works, quasiconcentric squares of subtly related colors, form an extensive examination of color properties.


See his Interaction of Color (1963); studies by E. Gomringer (1968) and W. Spies (1971).

Albers, Josef

(1888–1976) painter; born in Bottrop, Germany. In 1933, fleeing from Nazism, he emigrated to America to continue his teaching career at Black Mountain College, North Carolina (1933–49), and at Yale University (1950–60). A series of paintings, Homage to the Square, reveals his fascination with color relationships. He was influential in introducing the Bauhaus art school concepts from Germany, which stressed craftsmanship and a functional approach to design.
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Paradojicamente, este enfasis en lo estructural, en el cuerpo real de las palabras, no desvincula a los poetas concretos de otras instancias expresivas consideradas afines o colindantes con la poesia concreta: la musica de Webern, Boulez y Stockhausen y la obra plastico-matematica de Mondrian, Max Bill y Joseph Albers, se empalman con el tropicalismo de Caetano Veloso y Gilberto Gil y con los trabajos conceptuales de Lygia Clark o Helio Oiticica.
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