Joseph Aloys Tichatschek

Tichatschek, Joseph Aloys


(Josef Alois Ticháček). Born July 11, 1807, in Teplice, Bohemia; died Jan. 18, 1886, in Blasewitz, near Dresden. Bohemian operatic tenor.

In 1830, Tichatschek joined the chorus of the Kärntnertor Theater in Vienna, where he studied with the Italian G. Ciccimara. He made his solo debut in 1834 in the opera house in Graz. From 1838 to 1870, he was the leading soloist of the Dresden court opera. Tichatschek was noted for the musicality, strength, and beauty of his singing and for his mastery of technique. He sang both lyric and heldentenor roles. He was a friend of Wagner, and he sang the title roles at the premiere of Wagner’s Rienzi (1842) and Tannhäuser (1845). Tichatschek toured Great Britain in 1841.


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