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1742–1807, chief of the Mohawk. His Mohawk name is usually rendered as Thayendanegea. He served under Sir William Johnson in the French and Indian War, and Johnson sent him (1761) to Eleazar Wheelock's school for Native Americans in Lebanon, Conn.
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Joseph Brant, the Loyalist Mohawk Warrior is on the book's inspiring pages and so is Sir William Otter who led Canada's first overseas contingent which helped win the battle of Paardeburg in the Boer War.
Curious about the oddly-appearing British flag, he mentioned that he'd been told he was a descendant of Joseph Brant to a member staffing the display.
We are on Brant's block, part of the 1000 acres granted to Joseph Brant for his service and loyalty during the American Revolutionary War.
One is Chainbreaker, a Seneca who served with none other than Joseph Brant.
John, of Ulster County, Province of New York, was in Munro's Company in Sir John Johnson's Second Battalion in 1780, having served prior to that with the Indian Department where he went on scouting missions with Joseph Brant into the Province of New York.
Isaac Brock, Joseph Brant, John Brant, Tecumseh and John Norton.
His uncle was Richard Cartwright UE and he worked alongside Major (later Colonel) John Butler, Joseph Brant and Philip Schyler.
However, no primary source evidence has been found to verify that Sarah was related to Joseph Brant and it is not certain whether Sarah was his third wife.
Adam Young U E joined Joseph Brant and a party of Indians and Loyalists to raid the Rebel town of Andrustown on 18 July 1778.
Girty's strained relationship with Mohawk chief Joseph Brant, as detailed by Hoffman, provides a sharp insight into the heady world of frontier politics and warfare.
On the west side very close to the church wall lies Joseph Brant and his son.