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Joseph Gallieni, the military governor of Paris who concocted the plan, ordered the taxis to gather on a grassy esplanade in front of the gold-domed Invalides military museum, which honors war victims and is the burial site of Napoleon Bonaparte.
Two French colonial military figures enforced this process: Marshals Joseph Gallieni and Hubert Lyautey.
The "Report of General Gallieni on the situation in Madagascar," by General Joseph Gallieni and "The Colonial Role of the Army" by Lieutenant Colonel Hubert Lyautey, an enlightened plea for the creation of a colonial army, were both published in the same year, 1899.
Others might have said the same of Frederick the Great, Gordon of Khartoum, Lord Kitchener, Lawrence of Arabia, Lord Wavell, Alfred Redl, Joseph Gallieni, Ernst Rohm, Helmuth Moltke, Richard the Lion-Hearted, and Saladin.
Lyautey's conception of colonial administration was his own, though it drew extensively on the ideals put into effect by General Joseph Gallieni in Indo China and Madagascar, and what he had read and seen for himself of British administration in Egypt and Africa.