Joseph Mayer

Mayer, Joseph


Born Feb. 5, 1904, in New York. American physicist. Professor at the Institute of Nuclear Studies of the University of Chicago (1945-55); Carl Eisendrath professor (1955-60). Professor at the University of California since 1960.

Mayer’s main work is on statistical mechanics. He developed the method of statistical sums and was the first to apply combinatorial methods to statistical mechanics. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a corresponding member of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences.


In Russian translation:
Statisticheskaia mekhanika. Moscow, 1952. (With M. Goeppert Mayer.)
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The Joseph Mayer Community Partnership is a local volunteer group committed to saving Mayer's buildings in the local area.
Summary: Vienna, May 26, 2010, SPA -- The Saudi Austrian Joint Committee concluded its fourth session here today, co-chaired by Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al-Hakami, Deputy Minister of Economy and Planning of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Joseph Mayer, Deputy Minister of Economy, Family and Youths of the Federal.
Mrs Edna Usborne, from Wirral, wrote in to thank him for bringing to our attention the "forgotten merchant prince" Joseph Mayer in Tuesday's paper and the successful campaign to save his Bebington home, Mayer Hall.
Joseph Mayer with the Copper and Brass Fabricators Council, a copper industry group based in Washington, D.
Effective, functioning sprinkler systems have successfully limited fires to the area of origin 96 percent of the time, and have proven to reduce property damage by at least 50 to 60 percent, according to the National Fire Protection Association," said Joseph Mayer, vice president of Atlantic Mutual Loss Control.
By the end of World War I, anti-vice reformers had closed the red-light districts in over two hundred cities, see Standard Statistics of Prostitution, Gonorrhea, Syphilis (pamphlet), page RL-1, 1919, file 1, box 170, ASHA; Joseph Mayer, The Regulation of Commercialized Vice: An Analysis of the Transition From Segregation to Repression in the United States (New York, 1922), 9.
and Joseph Mayer," Journal of Church and State 34 (Summer 1992) 575-600; Stefan Kuehl, The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism and German National Socialism (New York: Oxford University, 1994).
Look inside the newly-refurbished Mayer Hall, part of the gift of the philanthropist Joseph Mayer to the people of Bebington.
It is made up of about 15,000 items, almost 5,000 of which came from a donation by Liverpool goldsmith and antiquarian Joseph Mayer in 1867.
brass mill industry and brass and bronze foundries are particularly hard hit by this scenario, given that they account for a substantial majority of all copper scrap and copper-alloy scrap consumed in the United States," says Joseph Mayer, president and general counsel of co-petitioner Copper and Brass Fabricators Council Inc.
But Giovanni Fontana's statue of Joseph Mayer (1803-86), goldsmith, jeweller and collector of art (fabulous and quaint), who settled in Bebington, giving his name to a park there, resides at St George's Hall, Liverpool.