Kennedy, Joseph

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Kennedy, Joseph (Patrick)

(1888–1969) financier; born in Boston, Mass. (father of John Fitzgerald Kennedy). A Boston banker and movie financier (1926–30), he made millions on insider stock deals, but set tough standards as President Roosevelt's chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (1934–35). Recalled in disgrace as a pro-German ambassador to Great Britain (1938–40), he retired from public life but financed the careers of his charismatic sons.
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The Patriarch: The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P.
His candidacy could find support from two widely disparate sources: Conservatives and Libertarians in favor of small government and deregulation; and Democratic voters who mistake him for a member of the Kennedy clan, including Joseph P.
ambassador to Britain, believed in 1939, according to Cari Beauchamp's Joseph P.
If ever an American family came to resemble a Greek tragedy, it was that of Joseph P.
Even before Friday's apparent plane crash, the family has suffered air tragedies before: Kennedy's uncle, Navy Lieutenant Joseph P.